Zara Shoes. Positively Dreamy.

April 27, 2012

Yes. It’s me. Doing another post about shoes. It’s called an addictionn people.

Zara being as rare in the US as it is, I don’t shop there often. But lately I’ve been seeing A LOT of Zara shoes on the style boards and sites I follow, so I visited Trap #1: They have free shipping and returns. Trap #2: Everything is incredibly cute and somewhat reasonably priced. So I stalked their shoes… for weeks. And then I caved and bought a *few* pairs. See my favorites below. P.S. I did not buy all of these. Although that would be wonderful.

zara Sandals

1. I Basic Sandal in Blue, $49.90
2. I Basic Sandal in Orange, $49.90 (!)
3. High Heel Sandal with Buckles, $89.90
4. Sandal with Snake Skin Strap, $89.90
5. Crossover Sandal, $79.90
6. Strappy Sandal with Buckles, $99.90
7. Two-Tone Sandal, $49.90

Also, the hubs and I have been watching How I Met Your Mother on Netflix lately and last night’s episode featured this clip. Travis immediately turns to me and says, “Yeah. That’s so you.” And it is 🙂


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