Seriously In-Love with Sole Society

April 18, 2012

So, yeah. I guess you could say I like shoes, if being totally obsessed and spending all your extra money on shoes at the expense of buying actual items that will cover your body and keep you warm means you like shoes. And because I like shoes so much and have so many, I’ve been around the block when it comes to purchasing them online.

I’ve done the shoe club thing, which seems to have become all the rage on the Internet lately. Well, either that or the ads just keep following me in particular.  But those clubs usually just overcharge you for crappy, uncomfortable shoes. Been there. Done that. And got the t-shirt. Not gonna do it again. But then I found Sole Society

Ah, Sole Society. Two seconds on their site and I was in love. Their shoes are classy, unlike other club sites that have shoes that look like RuPaul designed them. There is also no aut0-charging of my card. And you don’t need to log-in to “wave” the fee by the 5th of every month either. Another reason I HATE shoe clubs–don’t even get me started. And they use quality material, not plastic-y cheap stuff. Huh. In fact, as I write this I don’t know what actually makes Sole Society a “club” other than that they save my card info on file for easy checkout, similar to Amazon or any other online retailer. But I digress…

I now have one pair from them, with my second on the way, and my eye on a third. I’m usually not brand-loyal, but Sole Society just blows me away. Some of my present/future babies!

Sole Society shoes

Now, I own Odette. They are incredibly comfortable, go with everything, and make your legs look “Wow.” Capri are en-route, set to arrive to me shortly. And I’m thinking Mason will be next. Oh, and I’m having a serious moment with nudes. Can you tell??

P.S. Did I mention they’re only $50!?

P.S.S. Special thanks to Carrie Bradshaw for summing up my shoe relationship in one phrase.


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