One Shoe, Five Days: “Nathan” by L.A.M.B. {Day Three}

April 4, 2012

I have to admit that today’s ensemble was a challenge. I had an outfit in mind but when I put it on it was awful. Just… awful! I hate when that happens. So, having no back-up, I feverishly went through my closet and found something that “worked”. But after 5 minutes of wearing it, it didn’t feel right. And I had to change. So I just started to play and voila! Today’s outfit. It’s funny how a challenge like this really forces you to asses what you have and use it in new ways. Gotta love it. So, two things learned today…

1. If you hate what you’re wearing at home, or are just “eh” about it, change it. Because by the end of the day, you will hate it. And it’s funny how liking what you’re wearing can change your mood.

2. If all else fails (as my per-meditated outfits often do) give up and go naked. J/k. Stop trying to figure something out in your head and just play around with stuff. The only real downside of this is the mess it will create if you’re like me and hate putting clothes away. I hate a mess, but I also hate fiddling with hangers. *Sigh*

Nathan LAMB 1Nathan LAMB 2Nathan LAMB 3Nathan LAMB 4Nathan LAMB 5

{What I’m Wearing}

Sunglasses :: Ebay ($3!!!!)
Shirt :: Thrifted
Vest :: NY&CO (Old)
Belt :: Urban Outfitters (Old, but they have many other cute options available!)
Jeans :: Stella Skinny, Express ($80) Note: I distressed these myself.
Booties :: “Nathan” by L.A.M.B., Ebay ($130)
Bag :: Mimi’s Boutique ($60- SOLD OUT) Try this one from AliExpress or the real Rocco Duffel from Alexander Wang.


{Day 1}
{Day 2}
{Day 4}
{Day 5}

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