One Shoe, Five Days: “Nathan” by L.A.M.B. {Day One}

April 3, 2012

I love shoes. As far back as I can remember, I’ve always had a rather large shoe collection. And recently is has grown… a lot. I guess it’s because shoes always fit. The problem is that I buy what I think are gorgeous, wonderfully beautiful shoes and then they sit as I fall back into my old shoe rut with the same shoes in rotation. So, to put this to an end and stretch my creativity (one of the purposes of this blog!), I’ve given myself a challenge. One pair of shoes. Fives days. Five different outfits. Ambitious? Yes. But it’s sure to be an interesting project. Sooooo… let’s get started! First up? My beloved Nathan by L.A.M.B.

Ahhh, Nathan. I love these shoes. I’ve loved them for quite some time and when I saw a pair for $130 (usually $355) on Ebay, I snatched them up. They were barely worn–I think they were a display model. So cute, they sat in the corner of my room, getting use here and there. But not this week!








{What I’m wearing}

Sunglasses :: Ebay ($10/2)
Shirt :: H&M ($17)
Jeans :: Express ($80)
Booties :: “Nathan” by L.A.M.B. ($355)
Toe Polish :: “Macbeth” by Butter London ($14)
Bag :: Old


{Day 2}
{Day 3}
{Day 4}
{Day 5}

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