From This to That: Easy DIY Studded Booties

March 29, 2012

From This to That Easy DIY Studded Booties

These booties were originally seen in this previous outfit post. This is a great & fun way to make something you already have new again or to revamp an item you’ve thrifted that needs some extra pizzazz (as I did here).

I think it’s fairly clear to see what I did so instead of giving you a full tutorial, I will give you some tips I learned along the way, as well as my supply list.

{Supplies Used}

Item to Stud :: My booties above are thrifted
10mm Pyramid Studs :: Purchased on Ebay for cheap!
Needle Nose Pliers
X-acto Knife (Optional)

Tips for Studding Your Stuff

  1. ┬áBe ware of the thickness of your item. The teeth on the pyramid studs can only pierce so deep, so make sure your selected item to revamp isn’t too thick. I would say nothing over 5-8mm in thickness for this type of stud.
  2. Make sure the prongs on the stud are straight before you push them into your material otherwise you’ll have trouble getting them to pierce and bend in.
  3. Try to be precise when choosing placement, as crooked studs will effect the placement of later ones, especially if you’re stacking them like I did here. Luckily though, the look here is very forgiving. I had a few screw ups but you can’t really tell once they’re on.
  4. When pushing the stud in, us your pliers to help the prongs get through as much as possible by pressing around where the prong should pierce. If you’re still having trouble, remove the stud and use the X-acto knife to make a deeper incision.
  5. Bend prongs inward towards the center of the stud. Use your pliers for this. Your fingers will thank you.
  6. Run a finger over the set prongs to make sure everything is set flat and nothing will snag.
  7. Done!

P.S. If you screw up on any stud, simply pry up the prongs and reset it. I was able to take off and reset the same stud, so no waste!

That’s it! A very simple but edgy upgrade. What’s also great is that these come in many different shapes, colors, and sizes. And in case you’d like to see, this is what the back of the studs look like.



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