Easy Pyramind Stud Bracelet DIY

July 24, 2012

When I first saw this pyramid stud bracelet on Annabelle from Viva Luxury, I was in love. But I was not in love with the fact that it was sold out. Being the DIY’er that I am, I was able to source the gold pyramid studs from Ebay and then find the stretch cord at Michael’s and voila! Pyramid stud bracelet with supplies to make another one to keep or give away as a gift. Keep reading for the deets below and make your own!

Pyramind Spike Stud Bracelet DIY

{What You Will Need}
Gold pyramid studs, Ebay
.8mm Stretch cord, Michael’s
Paper clip or black binder clip
G-S Hypo cement, Ebay (optional)


  1. Take your wrist measurement. If you don’t know the circumference of your wrist, take a string, wrap it around until the ends meet and you have a comfortable fit, and measure this length.
  2. Add 3″ to this and cut a piece of stretch cord this length.
  3. Pre-stretch the cord 2-3 times to ensure your bracelet won’t become too big and saggy over time as the cord stretches naturally.
  4. Attach a clip to the end of the cord. This will prevent the studs from slipping off the end.
  5. String your studs. Keep stringing until you have a length of studs that matches your wrist circumference + 1″. For example, my wrist is 6″, so I strung a 7″ length of studs. The extra inch makes the fit comfortable but not too loose and allows for the extra length that’s taken up by the thickness of the stud. (Just trust me here. Add the extra inch!)
  6. Tie off your bracelet with an overhand knot. Don’t tug the ends closed super tight as this will put too much tension on the cord and not allow you to slip it over your hand. To tie an overhand knot, see the video below.
  7. *Optional* Dot knot top and bottom why G-S Hypo cement to seal. DON’T use super glue or something of that nature as this will eat away at the stretch cord over time!
  8. Fin! Enjoy your new pyramid stud bracelet!


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