DIY Wire Photo/Card Holders

April 15, 2012

DIY Wire Photo or Card HoldersWhen I go on trips, instead of bringing back traditional souvenirs, I like to find things I find interesting and incorporate them into my life in unique ways. On a recent trip to Portland, I found some cool keys that I made into a long chain necklace. On our last cruise, I found sea shells that I made into earrings. And on our honeymoon, we found some interesting rocks. (Huh. Yeah. Let’s no psychoanalyze why out of everything, I brought home rocks from my honeymoon.)

Since November, these rocks have just sat in our office. But recently I decided to make them useful in our home by making them into unique photo holders for our wedding and honeymoon pictures. The technique is simple and can be used in many different ways–these don’t just need to hold photos. A few different ideas are place cards, table numbers, business cards, price cards, food labels, birthday/holiday cards, and anything else you can think of. And you’re not limited to using something like a rock either. Anything weighted will work. Even things that are not weighted will work, if you counterbalance the top with the bottom. In short, this has many uses. Enjoy!


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nanci April 15, 2012 at 8:21 pm

Great idea!


Lynn at Order in the Kitchen April 16, 2012 at 1:37 am

hey girl! it was so nice meeting you at the meetup, even though it was at the end 🙂 love your site, definitely keep this up!


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