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China Glaze Pink VoltageNot to brag, but I have quite the nail polish collection. In fact, I have a whole salon-style rack full, and it holds over 90 polishes. So, yeah… I have a lot to choose from. Which makes the fact that I repeatedly chose this color–Pink Voltage from China Glaze–that much more impressive.

It’s neon pink, which is obvious, but what makes it different is the slight blue duochrome that runs through it. It adds that special pop and shininess that I LOVE. It’s neon but not NEON. It glows but doesn’t GLOW. Does that make sense? Oh, and it makes you look WAY tanner than you actually are. (Pasty girl high-five!)

Anywho, give it a try. Top it off with Seche Vite top coat to make it shine like candy and you’ve got the perfect summer pedi!



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Nail polish. A product whose collections work me up into a frenzy until I get them home and realize I have 90 of the same shades already. Happens. Every. Season. BUT, there are a few tried-and-true colors that get repeat love from me every year. And below, some of my favorites, new and old, for Spring & Summer.

Essie Turquoise & Caicos, Milani Cool Vibe, China Glaze Pink Voltage, OPI Do You Lilac It, Sephora for OPI Only Gold for Me, Butter London Macbeth

1. Essie-Turquoise & Caicos :: A truly AWESOME turquoise. Cannot totally explain why, out of my huge stash of turquoise, this shade is different, but it’s my favorite. The color is deep and true, not watered down. Just lovely.

2. Milani-Cool Vibe :: I’m a huge fan of purple polish and Cool Vibe is a nice purple-y berry. Totally cut for fingers or toes.

3. China Glaze-Pink Voltage :: A neon pink with a blue duochrome. It looks great on the toes. The blue sheen is barely noticeable but gives the polish exact “shine.” I find anytime a polish has a blue sheen, it always looks prettier & glossier. Try it. You’ll see.

4. OPI-Do You Lilac It? :: While there is an inundation of pastels in the Spring, Do You Lilac It? is all I need. Such a perfect pastel purple.

5. Sephora by OPI-Only Gold for Me :: So I’m cheating a little bit since this is a topcoat, but it’s great to add a little exact pizzazz to any color. The chunks of glitter are a nice size and really make a statement on the nails but aren’t so chunky as to add a weird texture. Looks fabulous over pink too.

6. Butter London-Macbeth :: A recent fave, this is the perfect mix of coral and red. At first, it looked just like Essie’s Peach Daiquiri to me, but Macbeth has that little extra hint of red that makes it that much sexier. I’ve worn this repeatedly on my toes for weeks and it always makes my toes look hot–not an easy “feet”. (Ha. Get it? “Feet”. Ok. That was bad…)

So that’s it. My top Spring/Summer polishes. Give ’em a go and maybe you’ll fall in love too.


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