April 16, 2012

So you want to know more about me, eh? Well, let me list the things that I think make me “me”:

1. I’m half Cuban and half Italian. I speak broken Spanish. I love pasta.
2. I’m a Yankee, born and raised.
3. I’m a triathlete. I did my first half iron man in 2010 and hope to complete a full iron man some day.
4. I’m an active dancer, with belly dance being at the core of what I perform. I belong to a dance troupe here in North Carolina that performs throughout the state.
4. I have my own Etsy shop for my handmade jewelry. Jewelry making started as a hobby to create pieces I needed and couldn’t find, but with the encouragement of friends, I opened my shop in February 2011 and it’s been crazy fun ever since!
5. I’m just dipping my toe into sewing. I got my first machine in February 2012 and the clothes in my closet have never been so scared. Many refashioned tragedies, but I’m getting better.
6. I’m a web analyst by trade. Facebook, Google, ads, and all the jazz. I get paid to play online all day! Can you say “Dream…come…true”? I also know how to build sites and write code, which is a handy skill in the blogosphere.
7. And, not surprising after #6….I built the website you’re reading now from the ground up 🙂
8. I’m addicted to shoes & nail polish.
9. I have the humor of a 15 year old boy, most accurately depicted by my list of favorite movies below:

  • Tommy Boy
  • Black Sheep
  • Forgetting Sarah Marshall
  • American Pie 2
  • Dumb & Dumber: When Nature Calls

10. I love to laugh.
11. I’m rarely ever serious.
12. I totally missed my calling as a race car driver.

In sum, I’m an all-around weirdo who’s happy to wear her rose-colored-glasses, see the glass as half full, and go about her busy life learning new things and surrounding herself with the ones she loves. And Eagle Rowe is my place to chronicle all this and share it with you. So Welcome!!

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