April 2012

Lauren over at From My Gray Desk does a lovely link-up each Friday where we share our top 5 highlights from the last week. See mine below!

1. My new Etsy shop banner. Check it out!

2. Running the Rugged Maniac with a close friend this past Saturday. I love events like this. (Full post to follow!)

Rugged Maniac Greensboro-Asheville, NC{Victory Beer}

3. Getting to hang with my bro after the race on Saturday and exploring downtown’s antique and thrift shops.

{Ring. Ring. It’s 1901 calling.}

4. Being featured in an Etsy e-mail!

Studio Eleven 11 Etsy Email Feature {Yay!}

5. Coming home last night to freshly clipped & bathed doggies. I’m glad someone gets a spa day! Thanks to the hubs for this one.

Dogs Sleeping{Smelling fragrant is tiring}



Yes. It’s me. Doing another post about shoes. It’s called an addictionn people.

Zara being as rare in the US as it is, I don’t shop there often. But lately I’ve been seeing A LOT of Zara shoes on the style boards and sites I follow, so I visited Zara.com. Trap #1: They have free shipping and returns. Trap #2: Everything is incredibly cute and somewhat reasonably priced. So I stalked their shoes… for weeks. And then I caved and bought a *few* pairs. See my favorites below. P.S. I did not buy all of these. Although that would be wonderful.

zara Sandals

1. I Basic Sandal in Blue, $49.90
2. I Basic Sandal in Orange, $49.90 (!)
3. High Heel Sandal with Buckles, $89.90
4. Sandal with Snake Skin Strap, $89.90
5. Crossover Sandal, $79.90
6. Strappy Sandal with Buckles, $99.90
7. Two-Tone Sandal, $49.90

Also, the hubs and I have been watching How I Met Your Mother on Netflix lately and last night’s episode featured this clip. Travis immediately turns to me and says, “Yeah. That’s so you.” And it is 🙂



Sometimes there’s nothing like a trip to the farmer’s market on a nice weekend afternoon. It’s such a wonderful mood lifter. These pictures are actually about two weeks old and are from our recent trip to get some color for our patio. But the shots came out so beautifully on my new camera, I had to share. Enjoy and I hope this inspires you as it did me!

Sandy Ridge Road Farmer's Market- Greensboro NC Farmer's MarketSandy Ridge Road Farmer's Market- Greensboro NC Farmer's MarketSandy Ridge Road Farmer's Market- Greensboro NC Farmer's MarketSandy Ridge Road Farmer's Market- Greensboro NC Farmer's MarketSandy Ridge Road Farmer's Market- Greensboro NC Farmer's MarketSandy Ridge Road Farmer's Market- Greensboro NC Farmer's MarketSandy Ridge Road Farmer's Market- Greensboro NC Farmer's MarketSandy Ridge Road Farmer's Market- Greensboro NC Farmer's MarketSandy Ridge Road Farmer's Market- Greensboro NC Farmer's MarketSandy Ridge Road Farmer's Market- Greensboro NC Farmer's MarketSandy Ridge Road Farmer's Market- Greensboro NC Farmer's MarketSandy Ridge Road Farmer's Market- Greensboro NC Farmer's MarketSandy Ridge Road Farmer's Market- Greensboro NC Farmer's MarketSandy Ridge Road Farmer's Market- Greensboro NC Farmer's MarketSandy Ridge Road Farmer's Market- Greensboro NC Farmer's Market
Sandy Ridge Road Farmer's Market- Greensboro NC Farmer's Market
Sandy Ridge Road Farmer's Market- Greensboro NC Farmer's Market


NC Blogger’s Meetup!

April 18, 2012

This Sunday I had the pleasure of meeting other local NC bloggers at Benelux in Raleigh for a good old fashioned meet up. The event was organized by Kate, Lauren, and Carrie of The Small Things Blog, From My Grey Desk, and Chasing Big Dreams, respectively. I’m a recent follower of Kate, who you may recognize from her viral hair tutorials on Pinterest, and considering my blog is about one month old, the timing of this way perfect. However, I was nervous. In the days leading up to the event the thought of bailing and staying home with a movie and some good wine crept into my head many times. I kept thinking, “Is my baby blog really up to snuff?” Luckily my attention span is short and before I really answered this question, I was on to thinking about other things, like dinner or what to wear tomorrow.

So, finally, Sunday came. I had dance practice in the early afternoon that ran over, so I had to run home and feverishly get ready. I thought, “Oh no. Things are already starting to go awry!” But made up, dressed, and ready to mingle, I jumped into my car 30 minutes later and headed North. 90 mins after that, I was lost in downtown Raleigh. Stupid Google Maps! Street names changed spontaneously as I was on them. Rights were demanded going in the wrong direction on one way streets. And I was directed to drive directly into buildings. No lie. It was a hot mess of direction. Aaaaaand, my battery was almost dead. PERFECT. But somehow I spied Benelux on my third or fourth loop around the same block and turned navigation off before I threw my whole phone out the window.

Parked, nervous, and still minorly irritated from my navigation disaster, I walked into Benelux…. and my anxiety faded. Smiling faces, high pitched shrieks of “Hi!”, and the sound of coffee being made was all around me. Cute bikes were perched on the wall, piquing my triathlete sense, and cute bright outfits were abound. It totally took my mind off the first part of my day.

So, I got a smoothie. Sat. Found some ladies. And we all talked. And talked. And talked. Who knew there were so many funny and cute local bloggers? The evening went so quickly and soon it was  finally time to say good-bye. We all exchanged cards (so that I could blog-stalk them later), snapped some final photos, and I left (with a goody-bag, no less. score!) feeling redeemed. Such a lovely evening. So thank you, to Kate, Lauren, and Carrie for organizing this shin-dig, to Benelux for hosting, and to all the lovely ladies I met, for their encouragement and their laughs. It was a blast and I cannot wait until next time!!

Benelux Raleigh{outside]

Benelux Raleigh{window shots}

Benelux Raleigh{can’t miss it}

Benelux Raleigh{bikes!}

Benelux Raleigh{hosts l-r: Kate, (yours truly!), Lauren, & Carrie}P.S. My skirt is handmade by me! Tutorial coming soon.

{the group}

{parting gifts}


So, yeah. I guess you could say I like shoes, if being totally obsessed and spending all your extra money on shoes at the expense of buying actual items that will cover your body and keep you warm means you like shoes. And because I like shoes so much and have so many, I’ve been around the block when it comes to purchasing them online.

I’ve done the shoe club thing, which seems to have become all the rage on the Internet lately. Well, either that or the ads just keep following me in particular.  But those clubs usually just overcharge you for crappy, uncomfortable shoes. Been there. Done that. And got the t-shirt. Not gonna do it again. But then I found Sole Society

Ah, Sole Society. Two seconds on their site and I was in love. Their shoes are classy, unlike other club sites that have shoes that look like RuPaul designed them. There is also no aut0-charging of my card. And you don’t need to log-in to “wave” the fee by the 5th of every month either. Another reason I HATE shoe clubs–don’t even get me started. And they use quality material, not plastic-y cheap stuff. Huh. In fact, as I write this I don’t know what actually makes Sole Society a “club” other than that they save my card info on file for easy checkout, similar to Amazon or any other online retailer. But I digress…

I now have one pair from them, with my second on the way, and my eye on a third. I’m usually not brand-loyal, but Sole Society just blows me away. Some of my present/future babies!

Sole Society shoes

Now, I own Odette. They are incredibly comfortable, go with everything, and make your legs look “Wow.” Capri are en-route, set to arrive to me shortly. And I’m thinking Mason will be next. Oh, and I’m having a serious moment with nudes. Can you tell??

P.S. Did I mention they’re only $50!?

P.S.S. Special thanks to Carrie Bradshaw for summing up my shoe relationship in one phrase.



I noticed that my Etsy shop was experiencing abnormally large traffic volume and orders tonight, so I checked my Analytics and my e-mail inbox and found this!

Studio Eleven 11 Etsy Email Feature

Yup. That’s right. That’s my listing there at the top of tonight’s Etsy e-mail. It’s funny that this happened now since I’ve been considering discontinuing this specific collection. But I think I may keep it a while longer now. What do you think?

Either way, it’s so exciting! I just had to share!!



Nail polish. A product whose collections work me up into a frenzy until I get them home and realize I have 90 of the same shades already. Happens. Every. Season. BUT, there are a few tried-and-true colors that get repeat love from me every year. And below, some of my favorites, new and old, for Spring & Summer.

Essie Turquoise & Caicos, Milani Cool Vibe, China Glaze Pink Voltage, OPI Do You Lilac It, Sephora for OPI Only Gold for Me, Butter London Macbeth

1. Essie-Turquoise & Caicos :: A truly AWESOME turquoise. Cannot totally explain why, out of my huge stash of turquoise, this shade is different, but it’s my favorite. The color is deep and true, not watered down. Just lovely.

2. Milani-Cool Vibe :: I’m a huge fan of purple polish and Cool Vibe is a nice purple-y berry. Totally cut for fingers or toes.

3. China Glaze-Pink Voltage :: A neon pink with a blue duochrome. It looks great on the toes. The blue sheen is barely noticeable but gives the polish exact “shine.” I find anytime a polish has a blue sheen, it always looks prettier & glossier. Try it. You’ll see.

4. OPI-Do You Lilac It? :: While there is an inundation of pastels in the Spring, Do You Lilac It? is all I need. Such a perfect pastel purple.

5. Sephora by OPI-Only Gold for Me :: So I’m cheating a little bit since this is a topcoat, but it’s great to add a little exact pizzazz to any color. The chunks of glitter are a nice size and really make a statement on the nails but aren’t so chunky as to add a weird texture. Looks fabulous over pink too.

6. Butter London-Macbeth :: A recent fave, this is the perfect mix of coral and red. At first, it looked just like Essie’s Peach Daiquiri to me, but Macbeth has that little extra hint of red that makes it that much sexier. I’ve worn this repeatedly on my toes for weeks and it always makes my toes look hot–not an easy “feet”. (Ha. Get it? “Feet”. Ok. That was bad…)

So that’s it. My top Spring/Summer polishes. Give ’em a go and maybe you’ll fall in love too.



Happy Monday! I had a very exciting weekend, which I will tell you guys about soon! But first, my fourth look in the One Shoe, Five Days “Nathan” series. I’m so happy to finally get this up! These pictures have been waiting on me since last week! Enjoy!

LAMB Nathan Day 4LAMB Nathan Day 4LAMB Nathan Day 4LAMB Nathan Day 4LAMB Nathan Day 4

{What I’m Wearing}

Sweater :: NY&Co (Old)
Tank :: Old Navy
Jeans :: NY&CO (Old)
Bracelets :: Studio Eleven 11 (skulls, hex nuts, heart)
Ring :: Ebay!
Booties :: Nathan by L.A.M.B.


{Day 1}
{Day 2}
{Day 3}
{Day 5}


DIY Wire Photo or Card HoldersWhen I go on trips, instead of bringing back traditional souvenirs, I like to find things I find interesting and incorporate them into my life in unique ways. On a recent trip to Portland, I found some cool keys that I made into a long chain necklace. On our last cruise, I found sea shells that I made into earrings. And on our honeymoon, we found some interesting rocks. (Huh. Yeah. Let’s no psychoanalyze why out of everything, I brought home rocks from my honeymoon.)

Since November, these rocks have just sat in our office. But recently I decided to make them useful in our home by making them into unique photo holders for our wedding and honeymoon pictures. The technique is simple and can be used in many different ways–these don’t just need to hold photos. A few different ideas are place cards, table numbers, business cards, price cards, food labels, birthday/holiday cards, and anything else you can think of. And you’re not limited to using something like a rock either. Anything weighted will work. Even things that are not weighted will work, if you counterbalance the top with the bottom. In short, this has many uses. Enjoy!



Sorry I’ve been MIA. Life has been incredibly busy this week, causing me to be unable to post my last two looks for One Show, Five Days. But it’s coming. In the mean time, take a look at two sewing patterns I’m planning to try soon. Going to shop for fabric tomorrow. Yippee!

Simplicity 2004 New Look 6013For New Look 6013 I’m really loving a nice, crisp mint or a Missoni-inspired print. And for Simplicity 2004, I think a floral would be really cute. I’m loving the green & pink rose pattern. So lovely. And the aubergine solid swatch is actually inspired by this Polyvore set below.

Day to Evening


Which swatches are your favorites?


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