March 2012

Mint Sunglasses

March 30, 2012

Hello all! I am feeling much better thanks to some much needed Zyrtec. So I was up bright and early today with enough time to snap some pictures. These sunglasses are new and I simply LOVE them. They’re awesome. And they were cheap! From where you ask? Why Ebay of course. Love me some Ebay 🙂







{What I’m Wearing}

Sunglasses :: Ebay ($10)- Checkout the shop here.

Earrings :: Studio Eleven 11 ($6)- Tiny feathers!

Necklace :: Self-made

Shirt :: Saks ($?)

T-Shirt :: Target ($8)

Belt :: Thrifted

Jeans :: Express ($80)

Bag :: From ?. This bag is OLD and I was almost going to yard sale it but I DIY’ed the studs myself per this “From This to That” and now I love it again!

Boots: Target ($35)- A good pair of biker boots is invaluable!



From This to That Easy DIY Studded Booties

These booties were originally seen in this previous outfit post. This is a great & fun way to make something you already have new again or to revamp an item you’ve thrifted that needs some extra pizzazz (as I did here).

I think it’s fairly clear to see what I did so instead of giving you a full tutorial, I will give you some tips I learned along the way, as well as my supply list.

{Supplies Used}

Item to Stud :: My booties above are thrifted
10mm Pyramid Studs :: Purchased on Ebay for cheap!
Needle Nose Pliers
X-acto Knife (Optional)

Tips for Studding Your Stuff

  1.  Be ware of the thickness of your item. The teeth on the pyramid studs can only pierce so deep, so make sure your selected item to revamp isn’t too thick. I would say nothing over 5-8mm in thickness for this type of stud.
  2. Make sure the prongs on the stud are straight before you push them into your material otherwise you’ll have trouble getting them to pierce and bend in.
  3. Try to be precise when choosing placement, as crooked studs will effect the placement of later ones, especially if you’re stacking them like I did here. Luckily though, the look here is very forgiving. I had a few screw ups but you can’t really tell once they’re on.
  4. When pushing the stud in, us your pliers to help the prongs get through as much as possible by pressing around where the prong should pierce. If you’re still having trouble, remove the stud and use the X-acto knife to make a deeper incision.
  5. Bend prongs inward towards the center of the stud. Use your pliers for this. Your fingers will thank you.
  6. Run a finger over the set prongs to make sure everything is set flat and nothing will snag.
  7. Done!

P.S. If you screw up on any stud, simply pry up the prongs and reset it. I was able to take off and reset the same stud, so no waste!

That’s it! A very simple but edgy upgrade. What’s also great is that these come in many different shapes, colors, and sizes. And in case you’d like to see, this is what the back of the studs look like.



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Party Like a Rock Star

March 29, 2012

Today felt like a dark-sunglasses-leather-and-studs kind of day. I DIY’ed my boots. See my DIY for details. I’ve been feeling kind of under the weather so I’m keeping this one short but picture heavy.







{What I’m Wearing}

Sunglasses :: Faux Wayfarers ($10 for 2)- Ebay from this seller. Shipping was fast and the quality is good on these.

Lipstick :: Revlon Lip Butter in “Raspberry”

Necklace :: Cross, self-made

Blazer :: Target (On clearance back in the day)

T-shirt :: Express ($10)

Jeans :: Express ($70)

Bag :: Mimi’s Boutique ($60- SOLD OUT) Try this one from AliExpress or the real Rocco Duffel from Alexander Wang.

Boots :: Goodwill ($4)- DIY’ed these suckers with some Ebay studs! They look sooo much better now.

And a note about buying second hand shoes… Usually I stay away from shoes at thrift shops and Goodwill because the idea of a stranger’s feet being in them kinda grosses me out. But these must’ve been meant for me because they were my size, brand new, and only $4! $4! I couldn’t believe it. So, anyways, wanted to mention that.



Channeling Jackie

March 27, 2012

Although the weather in NC has been mighty warm lately, today it took a turn from highs of 75 to being in the low 60’s. Being a Yankee, I don’t mind the dip in temperature since we never really got a winter, which I hate. It’s unnatural to skip winter. And I makes me worried for the summer… if it’s hot now, what will June be like? Yuck. Me not excited.

Anywhoo… the dip in weather allowed  me to pull out a long sleeve shirt and jacket again. I was originally going to wear a new boxy blazer I just got altered, but I woke up late and didn’t have time to figure out exactly how to style it. So my hair went up into a ponytail and I pulled today’s simple look together, a la Jackie Kennedy. I had this outfit in mind for a bit and wrote it down to wear later. I hope I’m not the only one that writes down plans for future outfits. Haha…


Leopard Flats Cropped Trench

{What I’m Wearing}

Vintage Cateye Sunglasses ($9):: LeLove–> LOVE this Etsy shop!

Forever 21 Blue Striped Shirt ($10)

Old Navy Cropped Trench ($?- old… and we’re talking OLD!)

Olive Skinny Khakis ($4):: Thrifted from a local shop and refashioned from chinos into skinnies per Cotton & Curls‘ tutorial. Her blog is great, btw. Just sayin’…

Bandolino “Holden” Leopard Flats ($35 on sale from Macy’s):: I love these too! Still available at Overstock & Zappos.

Luca Satchel by Mimi’s Boutique ($35- SOLD OUT):: Try the Milania Satchel or go for the real Marcie bag by Chloe.

Michael Kors 5055 Watch ($220)- Gift from the Hubby



Early Morning Fringe

March 26, 2012

Good morning! For a Monday, I was rather awake this morning when The Husband got up at 6am and considering I don’t have to be at work until 9, I had some time on my hands. Luckily the sun was really beautiful this AM, so I decided to take some outfit shots.

Fringe Earrings 1

Finge Earrings 2

Fringe Earring 3

In case you can’t tell, I’m testing out some new fringe earrings for my Etsy shop. So far, I’m liking them. See detail photos below. (Click to see larger view!)


Fringe Earrings 4

{What I’m Wearing}

Studio Eleven 11 Fringe Earrings ($15)- Coming Soon!

Michael Kors Gold Watch ($220)

Old Navy Jean Jacket ($30)

Green Infinity Scarf (Self-made)

Old Navy Dress ($5)-Found on clearance last season.

Old Navy Booties ($20)- I got a great deal on these, which remind me of the Isabel Marant’s. I do not believe ON has these anymore but some other options I love are  Marks by Report & Prembrook by Steve Madden.

Luca Satchel by Mimi’s Boutique ($35- SOLD OUT)- Try the Milania Satchel or go for the real Marcie bag by Chloe.

Happy Monday!

P.S. I had no idea until writing this that I was wearing so much Old Navy! A total coincidence.


How To Care for and Clean Brass JewelryWith the cost of gold being so high, brass is an excellent alternative to those whole love the warm, rich color of gold but can’t afford it’s price tag. However, the swap to brass does come with some (minor) care responsibilities. But follow the steps below and you’ll be able to enjoy your brass jewelry for years to come.


How to Clean & Care for Brass Jewelry

  1.  Brass does not like getting wet. Want to tarnish brass quickly? Just get it a little damp and you’ll see a brown patina form. While this can be quite lovely sometimes, if you’d like your brass jewelry to shine like gold, keep it dry!
  2. Inevitably, however, no matter how hard you try to keep your brass jewelry dry, it will tarnish over time. Oils and sweat (not sexy, I know) are the main culprits here. To clean flat surfaces or jewelry that has detail you don’t want to disturb, like stampings, buff the piece with a jewelry polishing cloth, like Goddard’s, or use fine steel wool available at any hardware store. You’ll be surprised at how quickly a light buff will restore shine. P.S. I highly recommend the cloth, as it is inexpensive and can be used on all jewelry! Also, when you use the steel wool, be ware that it will shed so polish over a receptacle.
  3. For a deeper clean in those hard-to-reach areas, create a mixture of lemon juice, baking powder, and water. Grab a dollop with a toothbrush and gently go over your brass jewelry. The toothbrush should help you get into those dirty nooks and crannies, making your jewelry golden once again.
  4. If you ever get a little over-zealous in your scrubbing and remove detail in nooks and crannies that should have it, simply use a Sharpie to fill in those areas and then gently rub over them with fine steel wool to remove any surface excess.
  5. Some people have an allergy to brass that causes a tint to be left behind on the skin. Simply seal the offending areas on your jewelry with any clear nail polish or clear Rustoleum to prevent this from happening. Reapply as needed.

And that’s it! Follow the steps above and you will get many happy years of wear from brass jewelry.



Hello there! I was working on filling some orders recently and thought it might be fun to give you guys a glimpse into my home studio and how I make my adjustable band rings for Studio Eleven 11.

And to clarify one point…

I tumbled the ring for about 3 hours with a rock tumbler I got from Harbor Freight, plus a drop of Dawn and 1lb. of steel shot. This makes the ring stronger and extremely smooth.


{Tools Used}

24g Brass Sheet-
Straight Tin Snips- Harbor Freight
Rawhide Malet- Amazon
Steel Bench Block- Michael’s
Rubber Bench Block- Michael’s
Fine Steel Wool- Lowes
Mini Grinder- Harbor Freight
Steel File Set- Harbor Freight
Anchor Stamp-
Ballpein Hammer- Harbor Freight
Steel Ring Mandrel-
Rock Tumbler (not shown)- Harbor Freight
1lb Stainless Steel Shot (not shown)- Ebay
Dawn Dish Detergent (not shown)- Target



I’m so happy to be writing the first of what I hope to be many blog entries. I’ll start out with some simple stuff. My name is Andrea and I’m a serial crafter and growing fashion junky. By day I work in web marketing, helping build and manage brands on the web. By night, I’m an athlete, dancer, jewelry maker, seamstress/sewer, video gamer, cook, wife, and mommy to two wonderful Mini Schnauzers. With such a full plate, I always have a few projects in-progress and thought it would be full to chronicle my trials and tribulations as I figure out how to make things work. So come along for the ride as I take you along on my adventures in serial crafting.

And now for the outfit! (P.S. Sorry for the unsightly wood. Must mention to Hubby that he needs to clean his “projects” from the driveway)

Ash Trash Boots in Miel- MiMi's Boutique Antonia Padlock Satchel in Camel

Ash Trash Boots in Miel- MiMi's Boutique Antonia Padlock Satchel in Camel

Ash Trash Boots in Miel- MiMi's Boutique Antonia Padlock Satchel in Camel

{What I’m Wearing}
Sunglasses: Thrifted
Necklace: Family Heirloom
T-Shirt: Old Navy
Cardigan: Thrifted + Hand-Painted Elbow Patches
Skirt: H&M (refashioned from a dress)
Bag: Antonia Padlock Satchel in Camel from Mimi’s Boutique
Boots: Ash Trash in color “Miel” (Splurge from a good January in my Etsy shop).

And a note about my Ash Trash boots…

Do you have what I’ve termed a “holy grail” color? In my wardrobe it’s the warm-brown-caramel-honey-cognac color of these boots. I love it so much but finding the right shade of it is very difficult. I’m very picky when it comes to this color. It can’t be too dark, or too cool, or too neutral. I guess the fact that it took me 5 words to describe this color highlights how specific and elusive it is for me. Anywhoo, I think I’ve established that I find the right shade hard to find 🙂 So when I saw these, I HAD to have them. Rarely do I buy things this expensive, so I figured it was worth the splurge. And they were. *Sigh* Sometimes I just like to look at them.

But moving on. This cognac brown is my holy grail color. Do you have one??



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